Eric Gurney Animator's Wedding Gift Gag Drawing - ID: jandisneyana22029

Eric Gurney Animator's Wedding Gift Gag Drawing - ID: jandisneyana22029 Walt Disney



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An original animator's gag gift drawing from the Walt Disney Studios. Featuring a sketch of a couple during their wedding ceremony, with a priest making a quip about the brides husband choice, the drawing was created as a gift to Milt Banta in commemoration of his wedding in 1943. Milt joined Disney Studio in the early 1940s as an assistant animator before becoming a writer. He is credited on several shorts as well as Alice In Wonderland, Peter Pan, and Sleeping Beauty, as well as several Golden Books in the early 1950s. The imagery is signed by Eric Gurney, who created the gift for his colleague. Measuring 12.5"x15.25" overall, with the character image measuring 6"x10", the drawing is in fine condition with light edge wear and peg hole damage.

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